Defining the New Professionalism – SSAT National Conference 2013

December 7, 2013 alison witts CollaborativeReflective Practice

Thursday 5th December 2013 hosted the SSAT National Conference themed “Defining the New Professionalism”.  An outstanding presentation by pupils from Ringwood School,

Finland Schools Flourish

Sacred Heart RC Primary School and Altrincham College of Arts brought to our attention what kind of pupils young people really want.  A common thread from all 5 youngsters became clear…

  • That teachers had belief in them
  • That teachers had a passion to learn themselves
  • That teachers don’t just provide knowledge but also the invaluable skills for life.

The questions raised in Andy Hargreaves workshop “The 5 I’s of Educational Change” highlighted the key principles of Finland, known for it’s huge success in promoting educational improvement in schools and teachers…

  • Do you know who you are?
  • Do you know what you want to be?
  • Do you know how you are going to get there?

Finland recognised that the future of the country depended on the people and that huge investments in promoting high quality teacher training to Masters Level with a rigid and robust system of candidate selection process would lead to positive change.  When comparing to nations such as Finland we so often jump to conclusions about why they are successful.  The training and employment of passionate, capable and committed teachers at the beginning of their professional journey has re-professionalised their teaching profession.

Definitely worth taking a minute to watch Andy Hargreave’s new ideas on leadership.


Q. What do you understand professionalism to mean?

Q. Are teachers in the UK feeling de-professionalised?

Q. Why?

Q. How can we become re-professionalised?


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