Reflective Practitioners 2

October 22, 2013 alison witts Reflective Practice

Ongoing Learning:

Please sign-up to the national college for school leadership and browse the resources.  Pick one  of the courses from the “self-study online courses” perhaps creativity or problem-solving might be the most relevant.

Broaden Knowledge:

Sign-in to Optimus Education this subscription resource to find excellent articles on a range of current educational issues.  email me for the username and password.  Go to the Hubs link and select Teaching and Learning.

Personal Reflection:

  1. Update your wordpress blog or use the “Blog” features within the schoolip software.



Contribute your ideas to our group popplet


Think if your big question (the popplet might inspire you).  What is it that you’d like to explore/investigate?  Bring along to the next meeting on the 20th November
And there’s more…  As if you haven’t got enough to think about?


Read the article “Developing Resilience in children and young people”  in preparation for discussion next session (printed copy in your tray if you weren’t here).


Watch the second Ken Robinson lecture (Educational Paradigms) – link is from the prezi.


Create a pinterest to collect your ideas.  Take a look at to see what my colleague at Northampton University has done with hers

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