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Idea Walls, shared web-documents, digital pinboards and instant response resources provide a range of web-based tools that provide a wealth of methods to engage and collaborate with the professional community.

Idea Walls: This resource allows for contributors to submit a simple text headline with a link or image, in this example, creative ideas from Year 2 ITT students at the University of Northampton provides stimulus for further discussion and implementation. 

Created with Padlet

Technology Engaging Learners: Using IT to Engage and Excite Learners

Contribute your suggestions for using technology to collaborate on the padlet.

Created with Padlet

Shared documents using web-based resources allow contributions from editors and collaborators.  Create shared presentations and allow multiple contributions through facilities such as google docs.


Summary of Responses

An added bonus is the instant analysis of results using google forms.




Digital Pinboards offer a visually structured method for collecting and sharing resources.  Image place-holders set a theme for each pinboard and themes boards are easy to manage and organise.

Follow Alison Witts’s board Collaborative Learners on Pinterest.

Prezi offers a creative, animated and visual presentation tool.  Sharing outcomes or working in collaboration with other editors, the dynamic and realtime features of prezi add excitement and drama to the presentation.   This prezi produced by Childwise offers a close-up and visual method of presenting data.


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