Web and Digital Technologies in Classroom Practice

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Currently exploring three key features of classroom practice, these hope to uncover the realities, the possibilities and potential for technology to impact on the quality of teaching and the learning outcomes.

Insight Reporting System - Managing Assignments

Insight Reporting System – Managing Assignments

Homework: The role of the VLE and Insight and other resources in supporting effective and meaningful delivery and management of homework.

 Mobile Technologies
Research into the benefits, the practical implications and the application of iPads, Tablet PC’s and BYOD’s is ongoing.  The network infrastructure supports all three aspects of mobile computing and current focus is on the use of APPs and web-based resources to embed these technologies into the curriculum.

Independent Learning Resources

What is a MOOC

A realm of web-based resources to support independent learning are becoming more accessible to all learners.  From MOOCs to the Applied ICT blog, and student blogs, pupils are encouraged to explore tools that will support extended learning in a range of curriculum contexts.

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